Kicks Soccer Academy is currently partnering with Spencer County Futbal Club to offer a competitive soccer experience to further develop as players in a club environment whose values and philosophy are aligned with Kicks soccer Academy. Spencer County Sports Association offers a recreational and competitive soccer programming for both boys and girls. Spencer County Futbal Club, a division of Spencer County Sports Association, specifically organizes the competitive soccer program in Taylorsville and Louisville. The SCFC headquarter is in Waterford Park, Taylorsville KY.



We currently have:

U9 BOYS (BY 2011 and 2012) - 2 teams, team 1 and 2. We are currently accepting new players. 

U10 BOYS (BY 2010) - 1 team. We are currently accepting new players. 

U10 GIRLS (BY 2010) - 1 team. We are currently accepting new players.  

U11 BOYS (BY 2009) - 1 team. We are currently NOT accepting new players. 


team manager: Coach Gionatan is the team manager for all current teams he's responsible for keeping the communication with families; assistant team manager: a parent can assist with managing a team. Please, reach out after TRY OUTS to coach Gionatan if interested to learn more about this position; communication: we will use the TEAMSNAP app to share the League, Tournament and training schedule and manage the day to day communication. 



Coach Gionatan is the SCFC U9/U11 Coaching Director. He will coach, direct and supervise training for all the current boys ad girls teams; coaching staff: William Leonard, Paul Kavuma, Adam Boren, Phoebe Bunting, 



U9, U10 and U11 boys and girls teams will play in the local Kentucky Amateur Soccer League in the Fall and In the Spring of the 2019/2020 Soccer year; Kentucky Amateur Soccer League: for more information about the League please visit http://www.kentuckysoccer.comKASL schedule: the U-9s and U-10s boys and girls usually play Saturday morning for 40 minutes in a time window from 8:00am to 2:00pm. The U-11 teams play Saturday and Sunday. The game schedule will be released to parents via TEAMSNAP in the last week in July. 



fee: each Tournament has a specific fee. The team fee does not cover the Tournament fee.  

U9 boys -  "FALLS CITY SOCCER FESTVILLE" 2019 October 18th,19th,20th. Click here to register

U10 girls - ""FALLS CITY SOCCER FESTVILLE" 2019 October 18th,19th,20th. Click here to register 

U11 Boys - " TRICK OR TREAT" Bowling Green, KY. Click here to register 



the U9/U11 teams train twice a week; calendar: the Fall 2019 training schedule for the U9/ U11 boys and girls team will be published on TEAMSNAP by June 21stlocation: Beckley Creek Park/ egg lawn


TEAM FEE (KASL only. Does not cover Tournaments): $ 450 for the Fall season and $ 450 for the Spring. 


UNIFORM (short, socks home and away shirts): $100