K-2nd graders. As a general rule, the less changing of clothing after dismissal the better. Comfortable sports clothes and tennis shoes will work. Cleats and shin guards are not mandatory. But if you want - or the children want - to wear them, please put their socks on before they go to school the day of their soccer practice. We recommend the shin guards that can be inserted inside the socks.

3rd/5th graders. They are more independent and it's easier for them to change into soccer clothing after dismissal. They can wear cleats and shin guards if they want to. 

COMMUNICATION. Each week, on the same day of the session, you will receive an email reminder. We will notify schedule changes such as cancellation and rescheduling no later then 12:00pm. The email contains the calendar, the name and cell number of the KSA coach that will be at your school and other relevant information. 

CHILDREN DISMISSAL AND SING-IN. At the time of dismissal, The KSA coach will meet the children at 3:40 inside the school in a designated area and take attendance. The school administration has the roster and the classroom teachers will remind players about soccer practice during the morning and where to go at 3:40. We do not start the class until everybody is accounted for. 


We strive to create the safest environment and the most creative atmosphere for learning and enjoyment. We want to offer our coaches, parent volunteer, and participants the following behavioral guidelines. Listed below the rules that participants and families will agree upon when signing the Terms and Conditions on the website at the time of registration. 

  • A child might not hit, kick, bite or push and adult coach or parent volunteer
  • A child may not bully physically or verbally anyone, for any reason. 
  • A child might not intentionally cause harm to another child. 

The occurrence of this behavior will result in first a "verbal warning" to the child, then to a "warning in writing" to the child's family and in extreme cases dismissal from the program. We allow only one "warning in writing". There will be no refund in case your child is dismissed from the program. 

SIGN-OUT and PICK-UP.  Sign-out is in the gym/backyard at 5:00 pm. Please, be ready to show your ID to the coach.  

LATE FEE. Please, be aware of the pick-up late fee. You will be charged a $ 1 for each minute after 5:00 pm. 

CALENDAR: you have 2 ways to keep track of the calendar. 

flyer: the program schedule is on the flyer you have received at your school.

weekly email: you will receive a weekly email with practice calendar updates. 

WEATHER POLICY. We follow the JCSPS Weather Policies and Procedures. If they close we close. The session that is going to be canceled will be rescheduled using the calendar make-up dates. 

RAINY DAYS: in several schools where we deliver the outdoor soccer program we do not have access to the gym in the Spring and the Fall. Therefore if we have a rainy day we have to cancel and reschedule the training session. Our procedure is to alert the school administration and parents no later then 12:00 pm the day of but we will do our best to alert everybody before then.  

COACHES. The coaches are players/coaches/trainers from the local Louisville soccer community and have experience in competitive and recreational soccer coaching. They all are background checked and some of them are CPR certified. We try our best to keep the same coach at each school during the program 8 practices. 

PARENT VOLUNTEER: At the time of registration you can choose to volunteer to help during the session both as a parent and as a coach.  

CURRICULUM. Kicks Soccer Academy is a member of UNITED SOCCER COACHES and has adopted the Complete Coaching Curriculum for children Age 3-18 for the Academy Program. The 8 weeks program will focus on teaching basic and intermediate dribbling, basic passing and a basic understanding of 3vs3 and 4vs4 scrimmaging. Within the first 3 weeks of the program, you will receive the Elementary After School Program "Skill Development Chart" via constant contact.  

PROGRAM MANAGER. Gionatan Surrenti, KSA Owner and Academy Director, is the after school soccer program manager. It is his responsibility to ensure that the program is delivered to the highest standard from an administrative and curriculum standpoint and to ensure that the Academy and the coaches create a supportive, safe and joyful environment for your children to learn and play soccer. Please, get in touch with him should you have any questions, concerns or complaints.